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Demo page 2 is a demo page, illustrating possible splash page designs. Visit our contact page if you need more details Contact Us, or see our About Us page and Testimonials here. These pages are designed to rank well with search engines, so that traffic can be directed to your site.

Click the links above to check out this demo site. Please note, this is a demo site, so the information is for display purposes only, and should not be interpreted any other way.


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Web design

Our company can help you to design a website for your business. We can work with you and you can direct us what you would like, or alternatively, you can allow us to advise you what we think would be best for your particular market. TopTenSearch.net full optimisation includes; full validation (w3c), code clean up, TopTenSearch.net's tag structure, fresh natural content, link campaign/directory listings, RSS feeds and site maps. You receive 12 months running support with our programmers who will continually monitor your site's status and re-optimise if needed in order to maintain/improve listings. We comply with the way that search engines look through sites in order to present their results, and the advice they give to you, the website owner.


We can help you to build a fully functioning e-commerce site, incorporating MYSQL database for speed and size, plus shopping cart, content management system, credit card intergration etc. We have been in the area for almost 10 years and working locally in the internet for over a decade. We have experience building high-impact web designs for local small businesses as well as large international corporations. This means you get local service and hands-on assistance while also having a site built by someone who knows the in's and out's of the web industry. There are lots of pretty sites out there, but we'll make sure your site is coded cleanly to help with search engines.

Graphic design

We can fully design your web site and corporate image. We can advise you on what content should be on your site to help drive traffic and help in search engine optimization (SEO). Set up tracking information so you can see who is visiting your site and what they are looking for. And we can do it all in a design that looks like you are a FTSE 100 company, even if you have just opened your doors.


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